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Management Matters: the Emerald Management First book

Image: Management MattersBusiness & management is the world’s most studied subject. The demand for highly able managers has never been greater, and organizations are discovering that closely tied to this is an acute need for high quality management development.

But what form should this take? In the words of business legend Gary Hamel, “Can you imagine dramatic changes in the way human effort is mobilized and organized in the years to come? Can you envision radical and far-reaching changes in how managers do what they do?” He adds: “Don’t be dismayed if the answer is no.”

For managers in all walks of life, the daily reality is that routines “remain little changed from those which governed corporate life a generation or two ago.” Fads and “flavours of the month” can only serve to distract us from managing for today, and managing well. Unfortunately, this leads to something of a paradox. Thanks largely to the content revolution brought about by the Internet, businesses operate in an age characterized by “information overload”, yet simultaneously we are expected to equip ourselves with increasing amounts of knowledge in less and less time. Jonathan B. Spira, CEO of Basex Inc. (a trusted advisor to knowledge economy decision makers) states that knowledge workers spend 15 per cent of their time each day searching, and 50 per cent of these searches fail – at an annual cost of $6,000 per worker. A plethora of material and multiple avenues through which to find it can only serve to confuse, burden and overwhelm.

Enter Emerald Management First: an award-winning online resource designed to help you circumvent the unnecessary and sharpen your focus on what really matters in management. Embodying Emerald’s philosophy of “research you can use”, we bring you the latest and best ideas from the world’s top companies and business schools and present them in a language that your organization will understand. Quality and topicality are guaranteed, so is our objectivity as an independent publisher. A balance of practical articles, case studies and thought-leader insight equips you with a powerful management toolkit for the twenty-first century.

We invite you to join us and find out for yourself. Ideas really can make a difference.

Management Matters

Image: Management Matters

Please note: you will need the free Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader to view the book.

Management Matters (PDF, 1.8MB)