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Why publish an article with Emerald?

We acknowledge that writing for publication may seem an unfamiliar task for many practitioners; that publication is not in the remit of your job description, and therefore may seem much less important than day-to-day responsibilities such as keeping up with your targets and the inevitable ‘fire fighting’. However, the very fact that you’re reading this demonstrates not only a desire to go that extra mile in your job, but also the potential commitment to undertake the task of writing a paper for publication. Possible reasons motivating a practitioner to write a paper – some you might relate to – include:

If you would like to contribute ideas but do not feel able to author a complete article, we are also interested in interviewing managment practitioners about their roles and challenges. We currently have over 330 interviews on the website covering all aspects of business and management.

Resources and support

To submit an article, select the most appropriate journal from our journal list and follow the author guidelines link found at the top of the page just to the right of the journal cover image.

If you have any questions on submitting content, or if you would like to be considered for an interview, please contact Gareth Bell.