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Image: Feature 1How to outcompete and win the business intelligence battle
More than ever before, companies are using "business intelligence" approaches and technologies to attempt to give themselves the edge over their competitors.

Image: Feature 2Why Western shops can't compete with Nigerian open air markets
Africa is pitted to be the next frontier of economic growth, but little is known about how best to market products on the continent. The answer could lie in adapting marketing strategies to local sales cultures.

Image: Feature 3Combining project and change management...
Project management and change management have been posited in previous research as an excellent combination of techniques for projects that include organizational change.

Image: Feature 4How cooperation is key to business strategy in Borgstena Textile
Effective alliances are an important part of giving companies a competitive edge. Focusing on Borgstena Textile, this study highlights the alliances that are critical to various business strategies.

Image: Feature 5Changing working lives by keeping trainees engaged in training...
Training will only improve employees’ work if they translate what they have learnt to their day-to-day working lives. Central to this knowledge transfer is the need for effective engagement of trainees...

Image: Feature 6Case study of a bankrupt not-for-profit
Crises in organizations affect everyone in them and can lead to feelings of hopelessness, as well as anger and judgement about the company's leadership.

Image: Feature 7The characteristics of better hospital management in New South Wales
A well-managed hospital can mean improved service delivery, a more efficient hospital workforce and better clinical outcomes for patients, so how can hospitals improve their management to achieve all this?

Image: Feature 8Battling for a flatter organizational structure...
Horizontal organizational structure can be attractive to managers as a way to solve efficiency-related problems. Two researchers documented case studies of organizations transitioning to a flatter structure.

Image: Feature 9How to integrate product distribution channels for real company gain
A business strategy that combines multiple channels for distribution and product sales – including web, in-store and others – can reduce costs and improve profitability.

Image: GlobeEmerald Management First is an award-winning online resource designed to help you circumvent the unnecessary and sharpen your focus on what really matters in management.

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Image: Featured article Special Feature

Determining who was to blame for the financial crisis

It is easy to consign the 2008 financial crisis to the past, but have those responsible been held to account? Has adequate justice been meted out to prevent recurrence?

The 2008 financial crisis is considered by many economists to be the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Much of the blame has been laid squarely at the doors of the major banks who, through a policy of unconstrained lending, created vast sums of new money by making loans.

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