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The characteristics of better hospital management in New South Wales

A well-managed hospital can mean improved service delivery, a more efficient hospital workforce and better clinical outcomes for patients, so how can hospitals in New South Wales improve their management to achieve all this?

Improving the management of health care volunteers

Volunteer resource management practices are an effective means of retaining and recruiting volunteers in the health care sector. What then, are the factors that govern whether such practices are used? The health care sector in the USA relies heavily on volunteers to perform its duties on a daily basis.

Smart resource allocation in hospitals saves lives

Emergency general surgical admissions to hospitals within the UK have been increasing. The complexity of emergency surgical care has also increased, driven by a combination of a growing median population age with age-related ailments, changes in primary care emergency cover and rising patient expectations. Unfortunately, the surgical experience of junior medical staff is still relatively limited, intensifying the need for adequate staff allocation to handle emergency cases.

International benchmarking of health care knowledge

Despite health care being a universal need, there are still no international benchmarking mechanisms in place within the academic medical field. The main drivers behind the need for international benchmarking for the processes and data generated in the healthcare field is that sharing of data can ultimately accelerate the identification and dissemination of higher value practices.

Health care innovation across OECD countries

Health care systems of developed, industrialized countries are facing challenges associated with the ever-increasing demands for health services. These demands are quickly outstripping the capacity of these systems to deliver effective and efficient deliver health care. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), there has been a steady increase in health expenditure as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) among OECD countries.

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