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Changing working lives by keeping trainees engaged in training sessions

Training will only improve employees’ work if they translate what they have learnt to their day-to-day working lives. Central to this knowledge transfer is the need for effective engagement of trainees during a training session – so how do trainers ensure engagement?

Exploring the relationship between human resource management and organizational performance

Managing human resources is positively related to the performance of an organization – understanding how, why and what practices enhance this correlation benefits employees, employers and the organization. Effective management of human resources has long been known to contribute to an organization's performance.

The growing importance of informal learning

Intense competition and change are two defining characteristics of today's business world. It is therefore critical that organizations have the requisite skills and knowledge needed to achieve performance and growth objectives.

The realities of juggling career and family: mid-level female managers in higher education

Mid-career, sometimes referred to as mid-life or middle adulthood, is defined as the period between 35 and 45 years, or sometimes between 40-55 years. It is often a time for re-evaluation of expectations and needs, and for most women, a time when family begins to take centre stage.

The human capital conundrum

Self-evaluation and making judgments of expertise are two separate things, and while one might be quite apt at the former, the latter is a completely different issue. This of course, becomes a problem for companies, and translates into the larger picture of the human capital issue, where employers are said to be finding it particularly hard in selecting competent employees with the right attitude in a professional context.

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