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Wayne Chen

Mr Wayne Chen, Managing Director of Hay Group Northeast Asia, is an established HRM consulting practitioner. In the past decade, Mr Chen, overseeing Shanghai-based Hay Group China operations, has been engaged in facilitating client organizations to embrace ongoing unprecedented changes. In this interview, Mr Wayne Chen, is invited to share his rich management consulting experiences and insight on HRM and related issues in Chinese organizations.

S.A. Hewlett

Sylvia Ann Hewlett is an economist and the founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP), a nonprofit think tank, where she leads the "Hidden Brain Drain"

Srikumar S. Rao

Srikumar S. Rao has done pioneering work in motivation, and helps senior executives become more engaged in work and discover deep meaning in it. He also works with teams and groups and has been extraordinarily successful in using group dynamics to foster lasting personal change. Many who have been through his program experience quantum leaps in professional and personal effectiveness.

Martin Moehrle

From 2002-2008, Martin Moehrle was Chief Learning Officer, Global Head of HR Development and a member of the Global HR Committee at Deutsche Bank. Since he joined Deutsche Bank in 1994, Martin led many initiatives to help develop it into an agile, learning, global and diverse organization. He is now self-employed, working as a consultant for major international companies.

Richard Marsh

Richard Marsh is Employer Responsiveness Director at the Learning & Skills Council. He is responsible for the implementation of the Training Quality Standard and is involved in the delivery of other employer relevant quality assurance programmes, such as the Employers Guide to Training Providers. He has previously been quality and training manager for the Volkswagen group, Vodafone UK and within the travel sector.

Karen Mannering

Karen Mannering is the Director of K M Portfolios Ltd., a development consultancy providing facilitation, training, coaching, writing and psychometrics. Karen has over 20 years experience in people development, working with large organizations, universities and colleges. A speaker at a number of conferences, Karen writes for magazines, journals, and websites. She has also written several books; her latest being Instant Manager: Dealing with Difficult People.

Ronald Burke & Cary Cooper

Ronald J. Burke is Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behaviour / Industrial Relations at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto. Professor Cary Cooper CBE is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School.

Kent Johnson

Kent Johnson is an in-house Senior Counsel at Texas Instruments Inc., specializing in the fields of antitrust, intellectual property, sales, marketing and advertising law, strategic alliances and other major business spheres. In this interview he discusses the role of in-house lawyers in the benchmarking process.

Harold S. Resnick

During his thirty years in organizational development and training, Harold S. Resnick has earned international recognition as a leading authority and innovator in organizational transformation and leadership development. He has consulted with hundreds of private and public sector companies in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

Max Hand

Max Hand is the Chief Financial Officer of Chirurgiae, a private sector healthcare service provider at the forefront of changes in the UK's National Health Service. Previously, he spent 18 years as a principle with the consulting firm A.T. Kearney, where he led projects in organizational restructuring, turnarounds, and quality management.

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is a former senior officer of the Forum Corporation. His leadership positions in the firm included Head of Global Research and membership on Forum's Management Committee and Board of Directors. He also serves as a consultant to companies including the New York Times, Royal Dutch Shell and United Technologies.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett

Sylvia Ann Hewlett is an economist and the founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy where she directs the "Hidden Brain Drain" - a taskforce of 34 global companies committed to fully realize female and minority talent over the lifespan. Hewlett is well known for her expertise on gender and workplace issues.

Tony Buzan

Tony Buzan has worked with corporate entities and businesses all over the world, academics, Olympic athletes, children of all ages, governments, and high profile individuals in teaching them how to maximize the use of their brain power. In this interview he talks about Mind Maps, mental literacy, and intellectual capital.

Dr. Steven Berglas

Dr. Steven Berglas is an executive coach and management consultant who spent 25 years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School's Department of Psychiatry. Now based in Los Angeles, his coaching practice draws upon his training in behavioural psychiatry to design interventions that are uniquely suited to resolving the problems of senior level executives at risk for career burnout.

Eleanor Haller-Jorden

Based in Zürich, Eleanor Haller-Jorden is the General Manager of Catalyst Europe AG, where she is responsible for developing Catalyst's memberships and partnerships in Europe. With its headquarters in New York, Catalyst is the leading research and advisory organization working with businesses to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work.

Pat Zingheim & Jay Schuster

Pat Zingheim and Jay Schuster advise a wide range of companies on total pay and other rewards. Recognized experts on the role of pay in accelerating company growth, bottom-line performance and the move to 'new' pay, Zingheim and Schuster have published several books. Their latest is High-Performance Pay: Fast Forward to Business Success. Find out more in this exclusive interview.

Nick Bloom

Nick Bloom is an economics professor at Stanford University and a Programme Director at the London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance. He has led a team seeking insights into the relationship between employee work-life balance, management practices and company performance.

Richard Harris

Richard Harris is a former senior officer of the Forum Corporation, a Boston-based work-place learning company. His leadership positions in the firm included Head of Global Research and membership on Forum's Management Committee and Board of Directors. He works with organizations to improve their quality of leadership through executive coaching, team development and talent development strategies.

Laura Tyson

Laura D. Tyson has been Dean of the London Business School since January 2002. She was previously Dean of the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley where she had been Professor of Economics and Business Administration. Professor Tyson is a member of the boards of directors of several companies including Morgan Stanley, Eastman Kodak Company, and SBC Communications.

Peter Cappelli

Peter Cappelli is a Co-Director of the US Department of Education National Centre on the Educational Quality of the Workforce, and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Professor Cappelli is the author of The New Deal at Work: Managing the Market-Driven Workforce which describes the challenges associated with managing the new, more mobile workforce.

Harold S. Resnick

Harold Resnick has consulted with hundreds of private and public sector companies worldwide. In 1996, he founded Generation 21 Learning Systems, a software company that developed one of the seminal web-based training and knowledge management systems which became the technology of choice for such organizations as the NASA space shuttle and Dell Computers

Dick Grote

Dick Grote is Chairman and CEO of Grote Consulting Corporation in Dallas, Texas and the developer of the GroteApproach web-based performance management system. Mr Grote is the author of numerous articles and essays and was awarded a medal for his work in creating the National Security Agency's performance management system.

Erwin Rausch

Erwin Rausch is the author, lead author or editor of eight books and of many articles and papers. The most recent books are the third edition of Management in the Fire Service , and High Quality Leadership: Practical Guidelines to Becoming a More Effective Manager

Sara Burks

Sara Burks has run her own Consultancy and Training businesses since 1997. Her work experience encompasses retail, financial services and local government. She has international HR and commercial experience in USA and Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Victor H. Vroom

Professor Victor Vroom has been acknowledged as one of the fourteen foremost contributors to management theory during the twentieth century. He is the author of nine books and over fifty articles, and his 1964 book Work and Motivation is regarded as a landmark in its field.

Kim James

Kim James is Professor of Executive Learning and Director, Cranfield Executive Doctorate. She works with clients to assist their capacity for learning and change at both personal and organization levels. Here she discusses her work, the obstacles to effective learning and development in organizations, and the future of learning and development within organizations.

Chris Yapp

Chris Yapp is Head of Public Sector Innovation at Microsoft. He has been in the IT industry for over two decades in a variety of roles related to the management of networked technologies. In this interview, read what he has to say about the challenges of learning and development.

Peter Cappelli

Professor Peter Cappelli's research has examined labour relations, changes in work and the effects on skill requirements, the contribution of workplace attitudes and behaviours to job related skills, and the effects on workforce skills associated with choices of employment practices. His work has been published in many journals, including the Harvard Business Review.

Richard Leider

Richard Leider is a pioneer in executive coaching. The founder and chairman of the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Inventure Group, Leider has been ranked by Forbes as one of the world's five most respected executive coaches. Read what he has to say about his agenda and guidelines for a successful coaching relationship.

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones

Dame Pauline Neville-Jones is Chairman of QinetiQ Group plc, a defence, security and advanced commercial technology company with government customers in the UK and the USA. Read what she has to say about the contrasts between career opportunities within the public and private sectors.

Christina Maslach

Christina Maslach is Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. She is best known as one of the world's leading experts and a pioneering researcher on job burnout, and the author of the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), the most widely used research measure in the burnout field.

Nigel Nicholson

Nigel Nicholson is widely known for pioneering the introduction of the new science of evolutionary psychology to business. He has been a guest professor at German, American and Australian universities and has been honoured in the USA with an award from the Academy of Management. Read what he has to say about the implications of evolutionary psychology for business.

Peter Smith

Peter Smith has a record of providing strategic direction, business planning and leadership to large and diverse teams, with an acknowledged strength in identifying and nurturing talent. Now in charge of his own private coaching practice, read what he has to say about the benefits of coaching, issues of empowerment and the differences between coaching and mentoring.

Peter Wright

Peter Wright graduated in Psychology from Sheffield University in 1960 and obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University in 1966. After leaving Edinburgh he then joined Unilever where he designed and implemented personnel systems in such areas as personnel appraisal and development. In this interview read what he has to say about skills training, self-managing teams and stress.

Barbara Moses

Highly acclaimed best-selling author, international speaker and television personality, Dr. Barbara Moses has consulted to thousands of organizations in every sector of the economy and helped millions of people define their career goals and achieve career success. Read what she has to say about career management, career paths and harnessing motivation.

Edward E. Lawler III

Edward E. Lawler III is a world authority in human resources strategy and an expert on creating tomorrow's organization. Workforce magazine identified him as one of the twenty-five visionaries who have shaped today's workplace over the past century. In this exclusive interview, read what he has to say about culture, high performance, stress and outsourcing.

Rob Shorrick

This interview comes from a series that appeared in Development & Learning in Organizations. Rob Shorrick, HR Director for the Avionics Group of BAE Systems answers questions put to him about his biggest challenges and achievements. He also discusses the biggest obstacles to effective learning and development in organizations, and his biggest achievement to date in the learning and development field.

David A. Garvin

David A. Garvin is C. Roland Christensen Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. In this interview Professor Garvin talks about the challenges of organizational learning and the conclusions drawn in his book Learning in Action in which he describes a series of learning processes or practices necessary for getting the job done.

Eleri Sampson

Eleri Sampson is an independent consultant specializing in the personal development of senior managers. She enjoys a portfolio career as a presenter and executive coach and has an extensive client base that includes such major companies as BT, Deloitte and Touche and Lloyds TSB. Read what she has to say about her coaching of managers, the reasons underlying corporate communication breakdown and the gift of charisma.

Linda Wirth

Linda Wirth is Senior Gender Specialist in the International Labour Office (ILO) Bureau for Gender Equality, with responsibility for policy and institutional development work in the implementation of gender mainstreaming strategy. Read what she has to say about trends in female employment, the impediments to women's career progression and the role of the ILO in promoting equality in the workplace.

Owain Franks

Owain Franks is Chairman of the PriceWaterhouseCooper (PwC) Human Resource Consulting practice (HRC) in the United Kingdom and Europe. He specializes in the tax, legal and HR transactional, strategic and implementation issues arising from management buyouts, mergers and privatizations. Read what he has to say about his firm's role and issues of recruitment, retention and sustainability.

Warren Bennis

Warren Bennis, a distinguished professor of business administration and founding chairman of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California, is one of the world's foremost authorities on business culture and leadership. Read about his views on great groups in an increasingly flexible working environment, the development and imperatives of leaders, and on the challenges of today's world.

Claus Møller

Claus Møller is the founder and chairman of Time Manager International A/S, the largest provider of people skills-related consulting in Europe. He has been involved in the turnaround of numerous organizations and his concepts have been adopted by SAS and British Airways. Read what he has to say about the concept of emotional intelligence and the management skills needed to encourage staff development.

Ivor Kenny

Dr. Ivor Kenny is Ireland's foremost management thinker and has worked closely with some of the top Irish companies to explore what makes them successful. Read what he has to say about the dynamics at work in large organizations and the role of a CEO. Do enough CEOs listen and argue, change their minds occasionally or share with their colleagues their vision of the future and the actions necessary to attain it?

Arie de Geus

Arie de Geus spent 38 years with Royal Dutch/Shell, and is widely credited with originating the concept of the learning organization. Since retirement he has advised many government and private institutions. Read his comparison of vitality and frequent longevity of what he dubs the 'living company' with the more widespread, and generally less successful 'economic company' model.

Cary Cooper

Professor Cary Cooper CBE, is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health and Pro-Vice Chancellor for External Relations at Lancaster University Management School. Read what he has to say about the phenomenon of workplace stress, changing work patterns and implications, cultural issues and stress management programmes.

David Clutterbuck

David Clutterbuck is Chairman of the ITEM Group, a leading communications project management company which he co-founded in 1982 and and Senior Partner at Clutterbuck Associates, specialists in mentoring programmes. Read what he has to say about the benefits, challenges and spread of mentoring, the development of communications and his forthcoming book Mentoring for Diversity.

Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede is the most cited non-American in the field of management in the US Social Science Citation Index. He is known for his work at IBM Europe where he was one of the driving forces behind the creation of IBM's International Employee Opinion Research Programme. Read what he has to say about his research into national cultures, the tenacity of national values and the challenges of cultural diversity.

Michael Drapkin

Michael Drapkin is a consultant who has survived and thrived through some very interesting career turns. Fomerly a Senior Technologist at top web agencies Razorfish and Avalanche, Drapkin now works with numerous dotcoms at his consultancy firm as well as chairing the E-Commerce programme at Columbia University. We asked him to answer a few questions about career planning and strategy.