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How cooperation is key to business strategy in Borgstena Textile

In today's ever more globalized world, effective alliances are an important part of giving companies a competitive edge. Focusing on Borgstena Textile, this study highlights the alliances that are critical to various business strategies.

Riding the third wave

Despite the major growth in globalization in recent decades, and the increasing significance that developing countries have on the world stage, investigations into the operations of trading companies that take these changes into account have been limited. Holistic analysis of such operations is crucial, as developing market-to-developing market transactions are more important than ever when it comes to international trade.

Decision making in meetings: Are we sabotaging ourselves?

How often do we go into a meeting with pre-formed ideas, and to what extent does this affect the outcome of that meeting? Might our meetings run better if we're not ready for them? We have all sat in meetings where a decision is needed, but the discussion keeps going round in circles, we are presented with conflicting sets of information and it's going on far longer than planned.

Investing in innovation: Your best bet in times of economic crisis?

Periods of recession are among the most challenging for companies looking to maintain their commitment to innovation, despite this possibly being one of the most important moves for companies to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

Mastering the cultural nuances of doing business in India

Emerging markets are the flavour of the day, as more Multinational Companies (MNCs) find themselves more drawn to the untapped opportunities of new markets; particularly those in Asia and Africa. In this sense, India offers a unique proposition to MNCs, as it is a market that is rife with talent and skilled human capital yet makes perfect economic sense as the glut of labour has allowed wages to be extremely competitive.

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