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How to integrate product distribution channels for real company gain

A business strategy that combines multiple channels for distribution and product sales – including web, in-store and others – can reduce costs and improve profitability. So how can you integrate channels effectively to allow your company to thrive?

Battling for a flatter organizational structure with management accounting

Horizontal organizational structure can be attractive to managers as a way to solve efficiency-related problems. Two researchers documented fascinating case studies of the tensions and resolutions as professional organizations attempted to transition to a flatter structure.

The characteristics of better hospital management in New South Wales

A well-managed hospital can mean improved service delivery, a more efficient hospital workforce and better clinical outcomes for patients, so how can hospitals in New South Wales improve their management to achieve all this?

Case study of a bankrupt not-for-profit: how judgement of responsibility affects employees

Crises in organizations affect everyone in them and can lead to feelings of hopelessness, as well as anger and judgement about the company's leadership. Understanding how employees can learn from crises that are sometimes inevitable can help build stronger organizations in the long run.

Changing working lives by keeping trainees engaged in training sessions

Training will only improve employees’ work if they translate what they have learnt to their day-to-day working lives. Central to this knowledge transfer is the need for effective engagement of trainees during a training session – so how do trainers ensure engagement?

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