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Redefining leadership: so much more than just being a boss

Some may argue that leadership is an art, and some are more inclined to call it a science. Whatever its association, there is one thing that holds true - leadership is in vogue again. One just has to browse the number of titles available in bookstores to be convinced. On Amazon.com alone, there are over 80,000 books available on leadership, and almost 60,000 on the subject of the leader.

When in China, do as the Chinese do?

As the world's third largest country, home to one-fourth of the world’s population, and the fastest growing economy in the world, China offers enormous market opportunities for the world. In order to increase trade with China, global companies must be equipped with a more thorough understanding of China.

Combining project and change management for successful organizational change

Project management and change management have been posited in previous research as an excellent combination of techniques for projects that include organizational change. So how can the best of both worlds be combined to ensure a company project involving change is successful?

The Emirates story: the smart strategies that sent an airline company soaring again

It was the year 2009, and the airline industry was suffering major losses all around. Global profits plummeted by $9.4 billion, prompted by rising oil prices, flailing consumer confidence and of course, the global economic recession. Emirates Airlines was no exception, experiencing a similar scenario as its other counterparts. However, compared to most other airlines, the company had managed to keep its head above water with some smart strategic thinking.

How to outcompete and win the business intelligence battle

More than ever before, companies are using "business intelligence" approaches and technologies to attempt to give themselves the edge over their competitors. In this study, the investigator looks at the factors that can make these methods successful.

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