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Help: YouFirst

"YouFirst" is an innovative way of personalizing your Emerald Management First experience.

You can use it to combine the content you are interested in with content from other business websites to create a "one stop" gateway to the best business material on the Web. Save your favourite interviews, articles, case studies and even your favourite searches.

YouFirst basics

To use the YouFirst features you need to have an Emerald profile. If you do not have one, you can register your details here.

When you have logged in with your personal profile, you will see the YouFirst logo appear in the left menu.

Image: YouFirst logo

The YouFirst logo

Clicking this link will take you directly to your personal homepage. The personal homepage is made up of small features called "widgets." Widgets simply tell the page which features you are interested in and how to display them. Widgets appear as small boxes which you can click and drag with your mouse to position them as you wish on the page.

Image: YouFirst widget

A YouFirst widget

As well as moving widgets about the page you can also collapse them with the [-] symbol at the top right.

Using YouFirst features

The YouFirst section has three main links at the top of the page called "Customize page", "Manage favourites" and a YouFirst homepage link.

Customize page

Within the customize page link you can choose exactly what to display on your personal homepage. Simply tick the boxes next to the items you wish to display. We have preset three external RSS feeds to bring you the latest headlines from the world's top business websites. You can also add your own RSS feeds in the "custom RSS feeds" section.

When you have made your selections, simply click "save" to save them or "save & return to YouFirst" to see the results of your selections.

Manage favourites

Within this section you can choose the types of content on the site and edit your favourite lists for each type.

When using the site and logged in with your personal profile, you will notice "add to favourites" links appearing in the options bar at the top of any content. By clicking the link you add the content you are viewing to your favourites lists.

Within YouFirst you can edit your lists. Selecting a type from the drop-down menu allows you to delete your existing selections. You can also export your favourites lists.

Image: edit your lists

Edit your favourites lists*

Clicking the export as text or PDF radio buttons will provide you with a plain text result or a PDF file respectively. There is also an option to add citations to help reference the article if you are using it for your research.

YouFirst homepage link

This link allows you to use your YouFirst page as your EmeraldManagementFirst homepage. This will replace the default homepage you would otherwise see.

* Please note: you will only see the types of content to which you have subscribed. For example, if you do not have any journal content as part of your subscription, this item will not appear.