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Image: Feature 1The impact of power on public sector leadership
Although the importance of leadership in the public sector has been widely recognized, the application of modern leadership approaches and especially empirical studies have been scarce.

Image: Feature 2Increasing sales with effective advertising and positive publicity
Despite advertising's reputation for brand building, many believe that publicity plays a much more important role in marketing communications than advertising.

Image: Feature 3Hotel innovation and performance in times of crisis
While nowadays an increased investment in innovation is a decisive factor to improve business productivity and growth, the pressure to reduce costs has led companies to slash their investment in R+D+i.

Image: Feature 4Time is of the essence for retailers expanding internationally
Although time is a key competitive dimension for service sector organizations in general, and retailers in particular, how the speed of international expansion increases or decreases is not known.

Image: Feature 5When the mentee becomes the mentor in entrepreneurship education
In recent years, the number of would-be entrepreneurs has increased dramatically across the globe, with small, entrepreneurial enterprises taking a central role in economic growth and employment.

Image: Feature 6Communities of practice make perfect for knowledge management
In recent years, the steady growth of the knowledge economy has led many firms to reconsider the value of their assets, with knowledge and intellectual capital coming to the fore.

Image: Feature 7Resuscitating the US health care system
Health care in the United States has long been a thorny political issue. The US spends more per capita on health care than any other nation, yet the system was ranked last in the 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey.

Image: Feature 8The impact of technology changes on internal auditors in e-business
The exponential growth over the past 15-20 years in the implementation of e-business has introduced unprecedented changes to the traditional business environment.

Image: Feature 9Using electric freight vehicles in city logistics
One of the difficulties in city logistics is that many different actors with different, and possibly conflicting, interests are involved, which makes it a challenge to come up with sustainable solutions in this field.

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Resuscitating the US health care system

Health care in the United States has long been a thorny political issue. The US spends more per capita on health care than any other nation, yet the system was ranked last in the 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey, in terms of its "efficiency, equity and outcomes". Life expectancy in the US still falls below the OECD average.

While the Affordable Patient Care Act (APCA), informally known as "Obamacare", has improved many aspects of the system, chiefly in providing access to health care for those without insurance, there are still question marks over the financial viability of a health care system that accounts for almost 17 per cent of the US’s $15 trillion economy.

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