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Image: Feature 1Good vibes: How positivity influences company productivity
The role of emotions in the workplace is quickly taking center stage in the study of organizational behaviour. Positive workplace psychology has reliably captured the interest of both scholars and practitioners.

Image: Feature 2Individual investors and the emotions that trigger buying
Individual investors have attracted a lot of attention recently and numerous companies have shareowner marketing programmes in place to address individual investors.

Image: Feature 3Implementing successful transformation strategies...
Companies embarking on major change initiatives should be prepared to be in for the long haul. The need to address inevitable resistance should also be factored into change management schedules.

Image: Feature 4Social capital, the winning business formula for new businesses
Family run businesses owned by members of a community who have migrated from different parts of the world have a better chance of success if they are able to integrate into the community and build social capital.

Image: Feature 5The importance of managers in creating a learning culture
Knowledge is a fundamental component within organizations. Ongoing learning and development is vital to sustain cost-effective service provision and ensure that broader knowledge is acquired to meet future challenges.

Image: Feature 6Examining the efficacy of ERM systems in Middle Eastern banks
Organizations are facing many challenges because of various factors such as globalization, high customer expectations, external demands, and other factors such as outsourcing.

Image: Feature 7Benchmarking best practices in hospital management
Benchmarking is a comparative analysis of processes and outcomes with an (external) reference level, which represents a best-in-class solution (BIC).

Image: Feature 8Examining the relationship between SME size and growth
In recent decades, the importance and complexity of firm growth have prompted several attempts to investigate the relationship between profitability and growth.

Image: Feature 9Adopting lean business culture across Universities in the UK
The UK Higher Education (HE) sector is changing rapidly. Through changes in governmental policy relating to University fees, students now hold a major chunk of the income stream that HE Institutions need.

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Good vibes: How positivity influences company productivity

The role of emotions in the workplace is quickly taking center stage in the study of organizational behaviour and research.

Positive workplace psychology in particular, has reliably captured the interest of management and organizational scholars and practitioners alike, and is becoming an important area of study as employers begin to look past employees as being mere workers.

Rather, management and organizational practitioners are beginning to recognize employees as social beings embedded within a socio-emotional network that is their workplace..

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