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In a hurry? If you don’t have as much time as you would wish to spend using Emerald Management First today, why not take a look at our free management magazine? Management Focus brings you a selection of some of the latest content from the site and will bring you up to speed on other services we have to offer.

Inside the second issue of 2015:

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Winter 2015 Value of social media, Knowledge integration and Peter Chadwick on research and practice


Autumn 2014 Volkswagen finding its voice, telling stories to sell products, and Dr Kotter on strategic agility
Summer 2014 Impact of verbal behaviour of leaders, and Dr Max Mckeown on playing strategic games
Spring 2014 Allocating rewards, “downsizing=efficiency”, Rita Gunther McGrath on competitive advantage
Winter 2014 The impact of Web 3.0, Doctors can be better leaders, and Sir Charlie Mayfield on strategy


Autumn 2013 Organizational burnout, driving mobile shopping, Richard Newton on management issues
Summer 2013 Using personas, having a crisis response strategy, Paul Polman on sustainability at Unilever
Spring 2013 Weather and retail sales, people's work habits, and Allan Leighton on Royal Mail and Asda
Winter 2013 Brand Communities and Facebook, Anders Dahlvig on sustainability and diversity at IKEA


Nov/Dec 2012 Business incubation, plus Marshall Goldsmith on innovative executive coaching
Sep/Oct 2012 Monika Wencek on Yammer, plus companies' progress with Social CRM
Jul/Aug 2012 How not to use Facebook, plus Professor Appleby on dual diagnosis
May/Jun 2012 Ray King on Bupa’s strategy, plus Teaching HRD online
Mar/Apr 2012 Tim Littlehales on leadership development, plus information use in blogs and forums
Jan/Feb 2012 Critical leadership challenges, plus current executive concerns with Roger Martin


Nov/Dec 2011 Decision-making power in health care, plus Sir Martin Sorrell on strategy
Sep/Oct 2011 Let’s Talk Leadership, plus Mark Davies and Tina Catling on Making Waves
Jul/Aug 2011 Strategic research & development, plus Toyota Under Fire with Jeffrey K. Liker
May/Jun 2011 Aspiring female leaders, plus Thompson and Tracy on building a great business
Mar/Apr 2011 Absenteeism, presenteeism, and Jenny Rogers on Job Interview Success
Jan/Feb 2011 The shift from push to pull management, and Strategic Speed


Nov/Dec 2010 Operating hours in SMEs, and Stan Slap and the case for a manager’s humanity
Sep/Oct 2010 Female entrepreneurialism, and Charles S. Jacobs on the business mind
Jul/Aug 2010 3M award-winners Providence Health Care plus Marc Effron on growing talent
May/Jun 2010 Enhanced organizational learning plus Martin Moehrle on the key changes facing HR
Mar/Apr 2010 Fibbing by e-mail plus Anders Aspling on globally responsible leadership
Jan/Feb 2010 Improving the NHS complaints system plus Robin Speculand on Beyond Strategy


Nov/Dec 2009 International strategy plus Joseph Maciariello on working with Peter Drucker
Sep/Oct 2009 Leadership behaviours plus Ram Charan on leading in economic uncertainty
Jul/Aug 2009 The dangers of re-branding plus Spence and Rushing on the “economic Armageddon”
May/Jun 2009 The benefits of flexible working plus Marshawn Evans on SKIRTS in the Boardroom
Mar/Apr 2009 Managing a downturn plus Finkelstein, Whitehead and Campbell on "red flags"
Jan/Feb 2009 Can stories really change a culture? plus David Whitlinger on global health alliance


Nov/Dec 2008 The credit crunch plus John Kotter on A Sense of Urgency
Sept/Oct 2008 Leadership decisions plus Dr Faith Mwangi-Powell on African palliative care
Jul/Aug 2008 Management style for the knowledge economy plus Jim Champy on OUTSMART!
May/Jun 2008 Successful change management plus Tarun Khanna on Billions of Entrepreneurs
Mar/Apr 2008 Pay communication: is ignorance bliss? plus David Maister on strategy
Jan/Feb 2008 SMEs taking advantage of IT and IS plus Hunter and Westerman on IT Risk


Nov/Dec 2007 KM in the public sector plus Andrew Buckley on connecting with customers
Sept/Oct 2007 Green Tick™: sustainability certification plus David Jones on NEXT
Jul/Aug 2007 The end of mass marketing plus Lowell Bryan & Claudia Joyce on Mobilizing Minds
May/Jun 2007 Supervising foreign nurses plus Andrew & Sirkin on reaping the rewards of innovation
Mar/Apr 2007 Business knowledge plus Zingheim & Schuster on high performance pay
Jan/Feb 2007 Change implementation plus Peter Kelly of Barclays


Nov/Dec 2006 Leadership: experience is the best teacher plus Tim Connor on sales
Sept/Oct 2006 The high-performance organization plus Thomas W. Golden on forensic accounting
Jul/Aug 2006 Re-engineering changes to healthcare plus Debbie Crosby on Heinz innovation
May/Jun 2006 Changing the argument culture at work plus Dr Michael Hammer on re-engineering
Mar/Apr 2006 Total quality management plus William J. McEwen on branding
Jan/Feb 2006 Using IT to transform the public sector plus Mr Akbar Al Baker of Qatar Airways


Nov/Dec 2005 Website accessibility plus Barbara Cassani on Go's clash with easyJet
Sept/Oct 2005 Employee engagement plus Robert Shaw on value-based marketing
Jul/Aug 2005 Marketing metrics plus Peter Cappelli on human capital
May/Jun 2005 The factors of leadership motivation plus Tom Nies on running a global IT giant
Mar/Apr 2005 How IBM boss embraced dilemmas plus Alex Matheson on the public sector
Jan/Feb 2005 Corporate innovation plus the strategic CFO


Nov/Dec 2004 Total Quality Management plus Barbara Moses on career management
Sept/Oct 2004 "The corrosion of IT advantage" plus Gerald Vinten on whistleblowing
July/Aug 2004 "The challenge of information security" plus an interview with C.K. Prahalad
May/Jun 2004 Luxury branding plus an interview with Clive Humby
Mar/Apr 2004 The 7th CFO Summit plus an interview with Jack Welch
Jan/Feb 2004 Customer relationships plus Andrew Hargadon on innovation


Nov/Dec 2003 "The Strategic Conundrum" plus Frank Shaw on Future Studies
Sept/Oct 2003 The Challenge of Organizational Learning with David Garvin
Jul/Aug 2003 Interview with Martin Lindstrom, a review of HRD2003 and more
Mar/Apr 2003 Linda Wirth interview plus "Developing your global leaders"
Jan/Feb 2003 Philip Sadler interview plus "Investors shout: we've been Enron'ed!"

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